Trinity Hypnosis and Holistic Solutions, LLC - Hypnosis Solutions
Trinity Hypnosis and Holistic Solutions, LLC -
Hypnosis Solutions
Hypnosis is especially useful when a person wants an achievable, sustainable life change.  All services are provided by a NGH Certified Consulting Hypnotist.
Health Improvement:
Stop Smoking/Chewing  - Customized individual sessions to meet your needs to become a non-smoker/tobacco chewer for life!
Weight Loss/Management - Customized sessions designed to stop the dieting roller coaster!  Reinforce healthy eating habits and remove unhealthy ones!  Achieve your body's healthy weight and maintain it!  It's not a diet, it's a sustainable change for life!
Pain Management - Customized sessions focused on drug free pain management.  Get relief from headaches, muscle spasms, injuries.  You can also use hypnosis to prepare and recover more quickly from surgery.
Stress Management - Customized sessions targeted to help you handle all that life throws at you in a positive, constructive, and self-enhancing way.

Personal Improvement:
Stop Habits No Longer Desired
Improve Your Confidence Level and/or Self Esteem
Overcome Fears & Anxiety
Enhance Personal Relationships and Emotional Stability
Increase Concentration & Focus
Improve Memory & Study Habits
Enhance and Improve Communication Skills
Improved Work Habits
Improve Sports Performance
Anger Management

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