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Trinity Hypnosis and Holistic Solutions, LLC -
How Hypnosis Works
Hypnosis is a state of deep physical and mental relaxation (not sleep) which allows you access to your subconscious mind.  Your subconscious is where all of your memories reside which hold your emotions, fears, behaviors, and responses.  By accessing your subconscious, you are able to free yourself from any past thoughts, behaviors or actions that you are no longer satisfied with. 
Hypnosis cannot force you to change something you are not committed to changing.  It cannot "make" you do anything you do not choose to do.  You are always in control.  Your brain has a built in safety switch.  It will not allow you to do or accept something you would not ordinarily do or accept.  Real hypnosis is not what you see on television or in the movies.  It is not someone else taking control of your mind.  It is you choosing to create new pathways for improved behavior in your mind and hypnosis strengthens those new pathways quicker and more effectively.
My role as your certified consulting hypnotist
Is to guide you into deep relaxation where you can "tap into" your subconscious and make the changes that you desire and deserve.  As a hypnotist, I cannot make you "do" anything you do not want to do.  I will support you and assist you in determining how to best make the changes you desire.  All the suggestions given during your session will be discussed during your private and personal consultation.
Your role as the client
Is to relax as much as possible during the session and to be committed to the changes you desire.  You and only you control what you choose to change.  Hypnosis is used to facilitate those changes you desire. 

Ready to commit 100% toward reaching your desired goals?
We are committed 100% to helping you achieve those goals!
When we work as a team, NOTHING will stand in the way of your success!

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