Trinity Hypnosis, Stress Relief and Pain Management, LLC - Pain Mangement Solutions
Trinity Hypnosis, Stress Relief and Pain Management, LLC -
Pain Management Solutions
Through our initial consultation, we will work together to determine the optimal approach for you or you can select from a variety of options.
Transcendental Meditation – A guided session to “transcend” or “rise above” the pain and relax muscles which allows your body to focus on healing.  Sounds "lofty" but it is actually an advanced state of relaxation that allows you to feel revitalized and allows your body to heal.
Hypnosis - Your body and mind achieves total relaxation and allows you to manage and/or eliminate the pain of headaches, injuries, fibromyalgia, surgery, etc.  You can also use hypnosis to prepare for surgery and to heal faster after surgery or injury.
Reiki Therapy – A Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that promote healing and reduces pain.
Aroma Therapy – effectively using scents to trigger specific responses which aid in stress relief, pain management and relaxation.
Wellness Coaching - Define and achieve your wellness goals to aid in pain management and recovery.  Would losing weight be beneficial?  Would exercising more?  Working with your personal Wellness Coach, you will identify the plan that works specifically for you!
Define Your Future Program – Recovering from an illness that has been the focus of your life?  Where do you go from here?  Use this personal coaching program to define and set a direction for your future based on your personal goals and dreams.
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