Trinity Hypnosis, Stress Relief and Pain Management, LLC - Hypnosis Solutions
Trinity Hypnosis, Stress Relief and Pain Management, LLC -
Hypnosis Solutions
Hypnosis is especially useful when a person wants an achievable, sustainable life change.  All services are provided by a NGH Certified Consulting Hypnotist.
Health Improvement:
Stop Smoking/Chewing  - 3 Week Program customized to your needs to become a non-smoker/tobacco chewer for life!
Weight Loss/Management - 8 Week customized program designed to stop the dieting roller coaster!  Reinforce healthy eating habits and remove unhealthy ones!  Achieve your body's healthy weight and maintain it!  It's not a diet, it's a sustainable change for life!
Pain Management - 8 Week customized program focused on drug free pain management.  Get relief from headaches, muscle spasms, injuries.  You can also use hypnosis to prepare and recover more quickly from surgery.
Stress Management - 4 Week customized program targeted to help you handle all that life throws at you in a positive, constructive, and self-enhancing way.

Personal Improvement:
Stop Habits No Longer Desired
Improve Your Confidence Level and/or Self Esteem
Overcome Fears & Anxiety
Enhance Personal Relationships and Emotional Stability
Increase Concentration & Focus
Improve Memory & Study Habits
Enhance and Improve Communication Skills
Improved Work Habits
Improve Sports Performance
Anger Management
Hypnosis packages are available! 
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